SNS Provides Fast, Scalable Solutions With Round The Clock Coverage.

The biggest benefits that SNS has provided PalletOne are server stability and the ability to recover when unexpected things happen. Servers and Disaster Recovery are two of the most critical parts of business continuity, but having “completed” backup jobs is the easy part. Being able to recover with little to no data loss in a timely manner is another, and that is precisely what SNS delivers for PalletOne, reducing the impact to the business and allowing us to focus on what we do best. SNS is great at providing scalability with a small company feel. When we were trying to decide the proper course, we knew that doing nothing was not an option, but finding a group like SNS with around the clock coverage and depth in skillset is not easy to find. They have been a great addition to our IT arsenal.

Kon Champavanarath Chief Information Officer
PalletOne, Inc.
Bartow, Florida

Secure Network Services, Inc. Takes Care Of All Our IT Needs…Period.

The single biggest benefit since moving to Secure Network Services, Inc. is the comfort level we have that our systems and our data are protected, backed up, and current . Compared with our previous providers, SNS’ customer service is outstanding - always professional, thorough, and fast. SNS responds quickly to our needs, sometimes anticipating them and acting before we are even aware of an issue. They are constantly improving their own systems to provide us with the most current solutions available for the needs of our business. SNS gives us the comfort of knowing that our environment is proactively taken care of 24x7x365.

If you are looking for peace of mind when it comes to your IT needs, then you need to call SNS. They handle it ALL.

Jack Lowman Credit Manager
AVON Leasing
Lakeland, Florida

Secure Network Services, Inc. Provides Confidence Through Speed and Reliability.

The biggest benefit Secure Network Services, Inc. has brought to Crown Electric since moving to them for managed services and backups is IT support we don’t have to think about. SNS maintains our system so that we can run our business and take care of our customers. No matter the issue, they have a timely solution and immediate response. Many companies we have used in the past left us feeling like we were paying for someone to tinker with our systems. We never had confidence in the security of our systems or the products and services we were paying for. Other providers often left us without hardware for days at a time while they ‘tried’ to fix a problem. Not with SNS. SNS calls to notify us of new technology that they have deployed on our behalf to keep our systems secure and running. Should a computer have a problem, they can replace/repair it quickly and a loaner is provided to make sure we don’t have downtime. I have worked with many IT firms throughout my 20+ year career, spanning various industries and communities, and I have never felt more confident with our IT solutions than I do today. I truly know the SNS team has our environment under control allowing us to focus on other areas of our business. We feel like they are a partner in our business , not just a vendor.

Laura Simpson Office Manager
Crown Electric
Bartow, Florida

Secure Network Services Provides Cost Savings And Value Through High Caliber Service.

Secure Network Services, Inc. has been our IT company since the inception of our practice 12 years ago, and provides reliable, quick, remote and on-site support and resolution of our day to day issues. From proactive server management to supporting our staff to backups and disaster recovery, they understand our needs and provide high caliber value to our practice that would cost us double if we were to try and hire them on staff. From day one, the single biggest benefit they have brought to Reliance Medical Centers is cost savings through implementation of IT best practices. The only way for us to have a better team would be to hire employees that would cost us 2-4 times more than we pay them, and that is still not a guarantee.

Roberto Martinez Chief Financial Officer
Reliance Medical Centers
Lakeland & Winter Haven, Florida

Secure Network Services, Inc. Provides Personable and Considerate Service Always.

Secure Network Services, Inc. has been our IT company for over 12 years. They are always accessible and are quick to respond to our requests for support, whether it is to recover lost data or resolve technical issues we are having, and we appreciate their ability to resolve our issues and avoid causing downtime by making any major changes after hours. Throughout our relationship, they have been personable and attentive to our needs, always making sure to verify that all of our needs are met. We don’t feel like we are just another job on their task list for the day. If you are considering a new IT firm, call Rob and his team at SNS. They are easy to work with and very kind and considerate always.

Debbie Jacobs Office Manager
Virginia C. Harris, CPA
Lakeland, Florida