SNS Provides Fast, Scalable Solutions With Round The Clock Coverage.

The biggest benefits that SNS has provided PalletOne are server stability and the ability to recover when unexpected things happen. Servers and Disaster Recovery are two of the most critical parts of business continuity, but having “completed” backup jobs is the easy part. Being able to recover with little to no data loss in a timely manner is another, and that is precisely what SNS delivers for PalletOne, reducing the impact to the business and allowing us to focus on what we do best. SNS is great at providing scalability with a small company feel. When we were trying to decide the proper course, we knew that doing nothing was not an option, but finding a group like SNS with around the clock coverage and depth in skillset is not easy to find. They have been a great addition to our IT arsenal.

Kon Champavanarath
Chief Information Officer
PalletOne, Inc.
Bartow, Florida