Secure Network Services, Inc. Provides Confidence Through Speed and Reliability.

The biggest benefit Secure Network Services, Inc. has brought to Crown Electric since moving to them for managed services and backups is IT support we don’t have to think about. SNS maintains our system so that we can run our business and take care of our customers. No matter the issue, they have a timely solution and immediate response. Many companies we have used in the past left us feeling like we were paying for someone to tinker with our systems. We never had confidence in the security of our systems or the products and services we were paying for. Other providers often left us without hardware for days at a time while they ‘tried’ to fix a problem. Not with SNS. SNS calls to notify us of new technology that they have deployed on our behalf to keep our systems secure and running. Should a computer have a problem, they can replace/repair it quickly and a loaner is provided to make sure we don’t have downtime. I have worked with many IT firms throughout my 20+ year career, spanning various industries and communities, and I have never felt more confident with our IT solutions than I do today. I truly know the SNS team has our environment under control allowing us to focus on other areas of our business. We feel like they are a partner in our business , not just a vendor.

Laura Simpson
Office Manager
Crown Electric
Bartow, Florida